VTS OJTI Course V-103/4


3-day course that covers the knowledge and practical competence required by an Instructor of On-the-Job Training for VTS Personnel. The course meets the requirements of IALA Model Course V-103/4.

VTS Training Overview

VTS training


  • Understand on-the job-training
  • Be familiar with formal evaluations
  • Know how to make recommendations
  • Be prepared to develop the OJT-education

  • How to provide the OJT programme, taking into account the requirements of the Competent/VTS Authority
  • How to review and update the contents of the OJT programme
  • How to assess the trainee’s personal ability and adapt the OJT programme accordingly
  • How to monitor and assess the trainee’s progress and document this in the trainee’s task book
  • How to provide feedback about the trainee’s performance to the VTS Supervisor and/or Manager and
  • How to report all pre-OJT training deficiencies to the VTS Supervisor and/or Manager
  • How to manage adult instruction methods and techniques

  • All our VTS instructors have extensive experience in providing VTS courses.
  • Our VTS training has been accredited by the competent authority since 2005 and is waiting for a Nautical Institutes accreditation.
  • We have provided VTS training for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) SAFEMED projects since 2015.
  • The VTS simulator at Aboa Mare is userfriendly and it’s easy to learn how to operate the basic functions. This gives more time to focus on the relevant topics in the exercises.
  • We have participated in the renewal process for edition 2 of Model Course V-103/1.
  • We have trained most of the VTS personnel in Finland that monitor the challenging archipelago and difficultly navigated fairways leading to the Finnish ports.
  • Many VTS teams from the Nordic countries and international non-European VTS teams have been trained by us.

At Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center, we use the latest state-of-the-art simulator equipment and pedagogical tools to provide an enhanced maritime training experience in a simulated environment, promoting teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and confidence. We are specialized on simulation, ice navigation (Polar Code and azimuthing propulsion courses in ice) and IGF Code courses for LNG fueled ships. Aboa Mare’s first-rate simulators are also used for research, innovation, and development projects.

VTS Training Overview


Course code

VTS V-103/4

Course title

VTS OJTI Course V-103/4

Student profile

Intended for VTS station supervisors or a designated OJT Instructors.

Course language



V-103/1 –VTS operator’s certificate

Training personnel

Experienced VTS instructors fulfilling the requirements by the competent authority.

Training method

Theory lessons

Course compliance

The course fulfils the recommendations of the IALA

Model Course V-103/4



Knowledge, competences and skills are assessed through a written exam


Participants completing the course successfully will be issued a course certificate.


3 days

Individual course


Max/Min participants



Aboa Mare Training Center, Turku, Finland

Flag approval


Course recognition by flag state


Other approvals

Approved by the competent authority


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