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Turku (Finnish) or Åbo (Swedish) is a city in the Southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of Aura River. It is believed that Turku came into existence during the end of 13th century which makes it the oldest city in Finland. Turku was for a long time the most important population center in Finland: it was the most important city in Finland from the 1300s until 1812, when the Russians moved the capital to Helsinki (closer to Russia and further from Sweden). It was the first capital city of Finland from 1809 to 1812 and continued to be the largest city by population in Finland until the end of the 1840s.

Turku is a regional capital and important location for business and culture in Northern Europe. The city has approximately 175,000 inhabitants, and the compact city is easy to explore on foot.

You can read more information about the city, main attractions, events, and services on the link below.

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Visit Helsinki

Helsinki (Finnish) or Helsingfors (Swedish) is the capital of Finland. The city was founded in 1550 and it has been the Finnish capital since 1812. Today, Helsinki is something of an international metropolis while still retaining a small-town feel. The best time to visit is in summer, when Finns peel off their overcoats and flock to outdoor bars and cafes to enjoy the sunshine.

Helsinki's current population is about 604,380, but the Greater Helsinki region including the suburbs of the neighboring administrative areas of Espoo and Vantaa has a population of over 1.3 million. 

You can read more information about the city, main attractions, events, and services on the links below.

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