Port & Fairway Studies

Aboa Mare’s simulator environment offers a highly cost-effective solution in the planning and construction of fairways and ports. With our simulator interface we can test the fairway and port area before it is constructed. Project expenses decrease when desicions are made in the right order and optimized from the beginning. In addition, the tests enhances safety in fairways and ports.

port & fairway studies

We construct fairways and ports in accordance with given specifications. The mathematical ship models, identical to real ships, are also constructed in-house. We do risk assessments by testing the port and fairways in the planning stage with accurate ship models that will be maneuvering and navigating in the area. Changes can then be made to decrease the risk of groundings and collisions considerably.

The simulator tests will provide you with a report that includes all measurable factors and results.

Aboa Mare’s first-rate simulators are used for different R&D projects within the
maritime industry

We can research, test and contruct e.g. following areas in the simulator:

  • Maneuvering in different weather conditions and water depths, hydrodynamic factors taken into account (Squat and Bankeffect)
  • Maneuvering with different mathematical ship models (e.g. how the size of the vessel affects the maneuverability)
  • In what extent a ship’s propulsion affects the erosion and sedimentation in a test area
  • The affects of port infrastructure on maneuverability (e.g. how large buildings on the port area affects wind and turbulency)
  • Evaluation of breakwater size and positioning
  • Positioning of navigational aids
  • Risk analysis and management

Diagram port and fairway studies

All hydrodynamic components, such as effects or ship motions can be individually monitored and/or analyzed.


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