Arctic Polar Code Survival Training Course

2-day course on how to survive in 
arctic temperatures as cold as -30 °C up to 5 days after evacuation. The course meets the minimum requirements for survival training in arctic conditions after a possible ship evacuation set by the Polar Code regulations. 

Upon completing this training, the participant will   

  • be familiar with proper procedures on what to do after evacuation 
  • know-how to survive in arctic temperatures as cold as -30 °C up to 5 days after evacuation 
  • understand and know how to manage difficult physical and mental conditions 
  • be able to lead evacuation operations and also take care of passengers and crew onboard the ship. 

Course overview

Course title 

Arctic Polar Code Survival Training Course 

Student profile 

Masters,deck officers and other ship personnel.  
DPA:s and shipping company personnel operating vessels in arctic areas. 



Training method 

Hands-on training outdoors.  

Course compliance 

Polar Code regulations set by IMO (chapter 12).  
IMO STCW Polar Code   


Knowledge, competences and skills are assessed through hands-on training.  


Each participant that has completed the course successfully will be issued a certificate 


2 days / 48 hours  

Max/Min participants 

20 / 8 


Kittilä, Finland 


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