Aboa Mare participates in following events in 2020

22-23 January: NaviGate2020, Turku Fair Centre, Turku, Finland
20-23 April: Seatrade Cruise Global, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami FL USA POSTPONED
21-24 April: Arctic Shipping Forum, Helsinki Workers' House, Helsinki, Finland POSTPONED
14 May: Sjöfartens Dag - Maritime Day, Åland Islands, Finland POSTPONED
10-13 August: Marsim 2020, Svendborg, Denmark
8-11 September: SMM Maritime Trade Fair, Hamburg, Germany

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Visited events in 2019

2-5.4.2019 Arctic Shipping Forum, Helsinki, Finland
9-11.4.2019 Crew Connect Europe, Hamburg, Germany
9-11.4.2019 Sea Asia, Singapore
9.5.2019 Sjöfartens Dag - Maritime Day Aland, Mariehamn, Åland Islands
3-4.9.2019 Donsö Shipping Meet, Donsö, Sweden
31.10-1.11.2019 Maritime Fair at Aboa Mare, Finland
12.11.2019 Open House at Aboa Mare
18-20.11.2019 Crew Connect, Manila, Philippines


Visited events in 2018

22.2.2018 International Conference on Harmonized Implementation of the Polar Code, Helsinki, Finland
6-8.3.2018 Transas Global Conference, Vancouver, Canada
13.3.2018 Meriverkostot, Naantali, Finland
17-20.4.2018 Arctic Shipping Forum 2018, Helsinki, Finland
16-17.5.2018 NaviGate 2018 - Nordic Maritime Expo, Turku, Finland
23-24.5.2018 CrewConnect Europe Summit feat. CruiseConnect Summit - Crew & Manning, Hamburg, Germany
24.5.2018 Maritime Day Aland, Mariehamn, Åland Islands
4-7.9.2018 SMM 2018 - International Maritime Trade Fair, Hamburg, Germany
27-28.9.2018 The Arctic Exchange Network, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5-7.11.2018 CrewConnect Global Conference & Exhibition, Manila, Philippines


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Leif-Christian Östergård

Leif-Christian Östergård

Manager of Marketing and Sales


+358 44 762 3422

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