Conference during the Maritime Fair 2019

Alexander Avanth, Digital Intrapreneur Director of Business Innovation at PTC Holdings hosts a keynote during day 1 and a Future Leadership and Forecasting workshop during day 2 at the Conference during Maritime Fair 2019. The workshop is intended for leaders from the maritime industry and enables participants to visualize a road map concerning leadership and strategies, in a digitalized maritime future. You are welcome to follow the workshop or take part in the panel discussion as audience. The number of audience seats is not limited.

Welcome to the Maritime Fair and the Conference - the event is free of charge!

Conference Program Day 1, 31.10.2019


Keynote highlights 

The talk is designed to inspire and inform participants about the future of maritime and the leadership skills and competences necessary to thrive and stay competitive. The talk will shed light on technology drivers, macro (global) trends and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The talk will highlight what is going on when technology drives the world, and what you can do to train your mind to perceive exponential change and the impact technology will have in the short and long run.

Career event highlights

The Career event is organized by Aboa Mare´s student association, ENÅ. Representatives from different shipping companies, private yachts and the Finnish Maritime Authorities will give presentations about career possibilities and discuss job opportunities with the audience.

Audience is welcome to follow the Career event.

Panel debate on autonomous shipping

Will autonomous shipping be reality and in what extense? Maritime industry leaders share their views and discuss about the future of shipping in a panel debate. 

Audience is welcome to follow the panel debate. 

Panel debate host

Some of the registered panel debate participants


Conference Program Day 2, 1.11.2019

About the workshop

The effect of technologies such as autonomous vessels, general Artificial intelligence (AI), genetic modification and biotechnology often overwhelm us. It is necessary to grasp the future in the sense most common to ourselves. This means that an organization quickly must locate their limitations in knowledge, in order to find a strategical business partner. There is a limited number of seats available for workshop participants. The number of audience seats is not limited. Please contact Event Coordinator Annina Rosenqvist for workshop registration information:

Audience is welcome to follow the workshop. 

What you will learn

By attending this workshop you will learn to visualize a road map concerning leadership and strategies, in a digitalized maritime future.

The workshop groups can choose between five different scenarios

  • Decentralized logistics and autonomous ships/cars/drones 
  • Global connectivity and future of work 
  • Data driven business and the Internet-of-Ships 
  • Future Leadership, 21st century skills and mental health
  • Port authority, flag state, privatisation

Workshop procedure

Each group will work through the chosen scenario with the help of three sprints.

Sprint 1 - Setting your future playground
What do we need to learn and what knowledge is valuable in this future scenario?

Sprint 2 - Finding your future playmates
Industry disruption, who is also going to be affected? “Know-who?!”

Sprint Come Monday Morning: defining the future play-rules!
What are the things we need to change today, what are the policies we need to enforce to thrive for the future?

Workshop host

Some of the registered workshop participants


Keynote and Workshop Host Profile

Alexander Avanth – Digital Intrapreneur & Director of Business Innovation at PTC Holdings, International Speaker and Associate Partner at DareDisrupt, Spiritual Technologist at, Board Member & Impact Investor at MoreFutures

Alexander AvanthThere is good reason to be optimistic about the future if you ask Alexander Avanth, a rising talent within exponential technology research. Over the years, Alexander has developed a holistic understanding of emerging technological trends, encompassing the technical advancements and our social, political and humanitarian reactions to these. Having spearheaded research at DareDisrupt, a Danish think tank, consultancy and future research centre, research on exponential technology, he holds a solid understanding within the fields of AI, robotics, biotechnology among others. His findings suggest that with the right educational focus on leveraging new tools for the future of work in combination with lifelong learning, technological threats to our traditional livelihoods can be transformed into profound life-enhancing opportunities for the masses. Today Alexander is the head of innovation at PTC Holdings a Philippine based diversified conglomerate with a maritime heritage, where he is acting as lead intrapreneur of PTC Holdings, developing innovation projects across the company portfolio (14 business units spread in seven industries). Alexander is responsible for championing new ideas and moving projects from their idea stage to initial commercialization with business leaders.

Driven by a natural curiosity and eagerness to unravel complex themes, Alexander’s studies have always centered around a playful and open-minded approach that is grounded in science. He holds a solid theoretical mindset as a Master of Economics and Business Administration in Business Development & Innovation with a specialization in Neuroscience from Copenhagen Business School. With more than 100 delivered keynotes for groups of all ages, and as experienced advisor for both public and private actors on FinTech, BioTech, MedTech and EdTech Alexander is a confident speaker, moderator and advocate. Additionally, he mentors startups, executives and students on balancing mental health in work and he also is a TEDx speaker on Navigating Digital Mindfulness. On a more spiritual level, Alexander is also an ordained Buddhist monk from the Kunnathi Temple in Thailand and uses his Buddhist teachings to advocate as a spiritual technologist. 

In his talks, Alexander argues that the human brain is not built to understand the rate of development that is actual in technology - it is simply too fast, vast and complex to grasp. At the same time, technology has become a paradox both separating us and bringing us together. How do we navigate and make decisions in a future that is increasingly uncertain? How do we as businesses and individuals learn to surf future uncertainty? And how do we steer technology adoption towards collectiveness and not dividedness? 

According to Alexander, the answer lies in digital literacyresilienceand curiosity. There is a need to learn quick, adopt fast whilst at the same time maintaining ‘business-as-usual’.  The impact of technology has namely caused the half-life of a skill (and a job) to shrink rapidly, from 30 years to 5 years, which points to the growing need for continuous education, re-education and discovery. However, because new technologies disrupt both industries and domain-specific knowledge in that industry, we must learn to readjust for specific, lateral and divergent learning rather than learning for the sake of learning.

Panel Debate Host Profile

Captain Mikael Hilden – Nautical Instructor at CSMART – Centre for Simulator Maritime Trainingconducting Ship handling, Continuous Development, Col.Reg. courses, as well as developing a few new courses.

Hilden's sea going career expands over 40 years with 20 of them as Captain. Starting 1978 on tankers where he worked for 18 years and then ending his seagoing career in 2018, after 22 years on cruise ships. He graduated with a Master Mariner license in 1990 from the Nautical College in Turku, Finland. After graduation he conducted some courses at the College teaching tanker safety and Azipod manoeuvring. During his tanker career, he worked for Neste Oil both on board and in the corporate office in a number of different positions. During his last tanker years he worked as a vetting superintendent.

Hilden's career path in the cruise industry took him from Princess Cruises to Star Cruises then to NCL and later on Viking Ocean Cruises. His shipboard experience is from tankers up to 260000 DWT and from cruise ships up to 147000 GRT, with a wide variety of about 35 different ships. During his career there has also been many new buildings and new building projects, dry docks, all around the world. Hilden's first CRM (BRM) was at the end of the 80’s and after that he has attended several additional refresher courses all around the world.

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