VTS Course - Operator Basic Training IALA V-103/1 

VTS course and training

The VTS Operator Basic Training course is intended for seafarers with the minimum qualfication Watchkeeping Officer or equivalent. If participants do not fufill the prerequisites, we can arrange the necessary training for them. The course comprises six modules, which are Language, Traffic Management, Equipment, Communication coordination, Personal Attributes and Emergency situations. Each of the modules deals with a specfic subject representing a requirement or function of a VTS Operator, followed by simulated exercises intended to represent events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS centre. The course fufills the IALA VTS training requirements. 

Aboa Mare is IALA audited by the Finnish Transport Agency and has the accreditation to give the VTS Course V-103/1, VTS Operator Training, VTS Course V-103/2, VTS Supervisor Training Course and VTS Course V-103/4, VTS On the Job Training Instructor in compliance with the IALA Guideline 1014. 

On successful completion of VTS Operator Basic Training course: 

  • participants will have sufficient knowledge and competence to proceed to an on-the-job training (OJT) in a VTS Centre. 

  • participants can work as VTS operators, given that local requirements and the OJT training is completed. 

Most of the Finnish and Norwegian VTS operators in VTS Course V-103/1, VTS Operator Training at Aboa Mare. We are also Training VTS operators in the Mediterranean area on behalf of the European Maritime Safety Agency in the Safe Med III project. The SAFEMED III project foresees training in the field of vessel traffic monitoring and information systems for those beneficiary countries for which such needs has been identified. Aboa Mare can also do tailor made training for VTS Operators who does not need IALA certificates. This has been done for instance in Ghana.

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