Medical Simulators

Resusci Anne Simulator

The Resusci Anne Simulator with SimPad is a high-quality and easy-to-use patient simulator for practicing primary care. It has been designed for the unique training needs of emergency care. It enables simulation of a variety of situations of illness or accident.

It is anatomically realistic with a host of features available for multiple learning objectives including:

  • High quality airway management with Supra-glottic airway devices  
  • Spontaneous breathing
  • ECG  
  • CPR with AED 
  • IV-cannulation
  • Blood pressure 
  • Voice, lung and heart sounds for basic simulation training 
  • Quality CPR feedback on the SimPad to measure and improve CPR performance
  • The arms and legs feature a selection of simulated burns, cuts and fractures


The Ambu®man is also equipped with a mechanical monitoring instrument showing effectiveness of the resuscitation, including results achieved for ventilation volume and depth of external chest compression. Moreover, it indicates any stomach inflation and incorrect hand positioning.


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