Duration 06/2018 - 06/2021

The R&D project MasterSIM, coordinated by Novia UAS, aims to answer the needs arising from maritime digitalization and autonomous shipping trends especially related to vessel remote operation. This will be done by developing a Aboa Mare Remote Operation Center (AMOC). AMOC will operate both as an educational and research platform related to remote operations of a ship. It will be connected to Aboa Mare simulator and training environment, but will also have the capabilities in the future to receive real-life data from real vessels for research and testing purposes. AMOC will simulate as far as feasible real-life remote operations of a ship conducted on daily basis both during normal operations and emergencies. Other objectives are to construct a remote operation concept and preliminary educational plan for operatives working in a remote operation center.

MasterSIM project is funded primarily by Finnish Ministery of Education. Other partners funding the project are Novia UAS, Kongsberg Marine Finland Ltd., Finnpilot Ltd. and Finnferries Ltd. 

For further information, please contact:

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Mirva Salokorpi
Research Manager
Maritime Simulations
+358 44 762 3532


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