Maritime Academy

Aboa Mare incorporates maritime education provided by two educational establishments, i.e. by the Novia University of Applied Sciences and by vocational institute Axxell. Some of the training offered to the students is delivered by the Meriturva Training Unit and by the Maritime Safety Center.

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences – sea captain and marine engineer studies in Swedish and in English

Aboa Mare offers Bachelor and Master level education at Novia University of Applied Sciences. Novia UAS offers tertiary education leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Technology (Sjökapten) in Swedish. You can also study these degrees in English: Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Marine Technology, and Master of Engineering or Master of Maritime Management.

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Axxell Vocational Institute

Axxell trains professional mariners, both on the youth level and as adult education in Swedish

Aboa Mare offers secondary level education at Axxell vocational institute. We offer versatile education for both youth and adults. At Axxell Aboa Mare you can take a degree but you can also improve your professional skills by participating in courses not leading to a degree. Axxell Aboa Mare concentrates on providing maritime education for future and present seafarers. The education is carried out in Swedish. 
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Onboard Training

Supervised onboard training is an essential part of the maritime studies at Aboa Mare.

All of our deck and engine students are guaranteed supervised onboard training on board Finnish and international ships in order to complete their maritime degree. Aboa Mare's onboard training network has grown rapidly during the last years and is continuing to do so.
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Onboard Training

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