MAST! Institute

The objective of the MAST! Institute is to bring together and build multidisciplinary competence with the aim to become an acknowledged research institute in the area of maritime digitalization and autonomous shipping. This is achieved by combining the expertise from Åbo Akademi University’s Software Technology Research Lab and Novia’s Maritime Academy, Aboa Mare. Two well established and internationally acknowledged educational institutions. This novel combination and cooperation creates high potential to respond to arising research and educational needs regarding maritime digitalization and autonomous systems.

The main strategical objectives are to develop a research platform related to maritime digitalization and autonomous shipping, to contribute to the research community and maritime industry by developing new solutions for autonomous shipping and ensuring future seafaring competence.

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For further information, please contact:

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Mirva Salokorpi
Research Manager
Maritime Simulations
+358 44 762 3532


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Aboa Mare

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