Co-operation opportunities within the IRM-Tool project

For companies and experts within the maritime or creative field:

Are you interested in the development of the IRM-Tool?

During the project, we develop a web page that is targeted for maritime companies to help them increase their innovation knowledge and capabilities with the help of creative knowledge and methods. The tool will be published in . It will consist of innovation theory and cases in a modern and inspiring way, so it will be helpful when boosting the organization’s innovation capabilities.

If you are a representative of the maritime field, we would be happy to test the tool content and to hear about your needs to make the tool as applicable as possible for maritime companies. Perhaps your company and team want to be a test audience when developing the tool?

If you are a representative of the creative field, we are happy to provide 1-3 creative professionals a chance of developing one’s own concept through a workshop, that utilizes the tool. The concepts will be represented in seminars during spring 2019. Do you want your ideas to be utilized in the tool and be the first to use it?

Or, if you for example have concrete maritime challenges, you can provide them to be solved by artistic interventions. See the invitation below (in Finnish).

Please contact project manager Rita Rauvola, -, for further information.

For students:

Are you looking for a subject for your thesis or a task for project studies? We have plenty of research questions to explore in the following areas: service design, maritime management or in multidisciplinary areas.

Here are some research suggestions that the IRM-Tool project can offer:

  1. A study about the needs and opportunities of a maritime waste or extra material online shop platform, including a possible collaboration between the online shop platform and recycling of ships
  2. Development of the Aboa Mare simulators as a service, e.g. a service path
  3. Development of the aftermarket and its commercialization for services in a Turku based SME company, including e.g. service path for customers. With a group of multidisciplinary students, also testing of agile methods in practice could be possible.
  4. Planning and organizing online workshops with subjects that could be of interest for professionals and students both in maritime industries and in creative fields, such as illustrators, game developers, actors etc.

Don´t hesitate to contact the project manager - for further information, or to suggest new subjects within the maritime industry and the collaboration between the maritime industry and the creative sector.


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