The Next Maritime Revolution

Times are changing rapidly in the maritime industry. IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud based systems, combined with improved and more cost-efficient communications infrastructure, enables smarter real-time operational fleet management, improves processes and reduces costs and risks. New technology gives huge possibilities to collect, analyse and distribute data in real-time, which in turn enables real-time predictive decision making.

Real-time situational awareness solutions lead to quicker and more accurate decision making, be it then business decisions or critical safety matters - Time is money here and time is also safety.

Fleetrange Ltd was founded in 2016 with the vision of creating Smarter, Simpler and more cost-efficient real-time situational awareness solutions for the maritime industry. The three founders have each a very strong experience in either shipping or IT or both and when combined this gives Fleetrange an unsurpassed breadth and width of understanding and knowledge of the needs and challenges the industry is facing.

We want to offer device independent, simple and visual solutions, with plug-and-play intelligent IoT devices and we want to do this extremely cost efficiently. Buying Fleetrange should be as easy and cheap as buying a mobile phone and it shouldn’t cost you more than a good dinner at the local bistro – once per month.”

− Fleetrange CEO, Henrik Ramm-Schmidt

Fleetrange intelligently connects people with data, regardless of time, place, or device and whether or not they are part of our Customer’s organisation. The core solution is to combine smart IoT sensors onboard the ships with an automated cloud platform and Open Data so that the right person gets the right data at the right time - without having to search and dig for it. Critical event information is categorized and pushed to the User using either system notifications, email, SMS or voice-calls, depending on the criticality of the event.

The Fleetrange IoT sensor technology builds on cost-efficient, cyber secure and tiny sensors, which are easy to install and hassle-free. Currently Fleetrange offers sensors for AIS, automatically calibrated 6DoF (Degree-of-Freedom) motion, barometer and camera. Future plans include sensors for Zodiac-tracking, detecting Black-outs and measuring air quality. The sensor data is pre-processed onboard, heavily compressed and encrypted with RSA 1024 bit encryption and transferred ashore through a VPN-tunnel over VSAT, KNL Networks or other equivalent always-on internet connection. Relevant real-time sensor data consumes at standard settings 0.5-2MB/day and this can further be adjusted and reduced if needed.

Arctic and Antarctic waters are opening up for an increasing number of Cruise and Cargo operators. But the Polar regions face several unique risks, not seen or experienced in other parts of the world. The climate conditions, such as heavy weather, ice, icebergs and growlers, combined with a lack of good charts, navigational aids, operational training and communication infrastructure as well as great distances to Places of Refuge (PoR) or Search And Rescue (SAR) assets or other ships, create a challenging combination for the mariners and ships operating in these Polar waters. Still, the shipping in Polar regions must be safe and sustainable. This is where modern technology can assist.

Every ship operating in the Polar areas should have the best knowledge and information available for weather, ice conditions, SAR assets and PoR and also be able to communicate cost efficiently in locations where standard VSAT cannot provide reliable links. Fleetrange provides a specialised Polar-waters solution which solves these issues in a cost-efficient way with automatically updated information and real-time situational picture in the Fleetrange service, and by collaborating with SAR-authorities, leading maritime training institution Aboamare and the communications infrastructure provider KNL Networks. A core philosophy at Fleetrange is to be very open minded and cooperative and create solutions which see benefits for all concerned parties.

One of the special use cases for the Fleetrange Polar-waters solution is Arctic SAR-operations, where Fleetrange can provide the common situational picture and chat communication for all stakeholders, including the vessel itself, the shore side company response team, the RCC-authorities (Rescue Coordination Center) and also other stakeholders such as ships in vicinity of the distress area.

Every company in the maritime industry needs to factor in how IoT is going to affect them and how their business can be improved with real-time data. If they don’t, they will fall behind.

− Fleetrange CEO, Henrik Ramm-Schmidt



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