Combined BRM & ERM Simulator Training

2-3 day course at Aboa Mare Training Center in Turku, Finland. This course provides training in co-operation between bridge and engine-room, especially in critical situations, which are difficult to exercise onboard. The course covers the requirements set by STCW and IMO Model Courses 1.22 and 1.39.

Upon completing this training, the participant will

  • understand the importance of good communication
  • be familiar with both bridge and engine company procedures
  • know how to react in critical situations
  • be prepared to take action
  • be able to manage the ship’s operational team

Course overview

The course is intended for nautical and engineering officers.

Duration 2-3 days
Course language English
Prerequisites Knowledge about nautical and engineering officer tasks
Training method Classroom lectures and simulator exercises
Course compliance STCW table A-II/2 and A-II/1, A-III/1, A-III/2 and A-III/6. IMO Model Courses 1.22 and 1.39.
Assessment Knowledge can be assessed with a written exam. Competences and skills are assessed through simulator assessment
Certification All participants satisfactorily completing the Combined BRM&ERM course will receive the appropriate certificate, issued by Aboa Mare
Max/Min participants 6/2
Price Offers on request
Location Aboa Mare Training Center in Turku, Finland
Approvals STCW approval by Finnish Education Evaluation Center


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Aboa Mare

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