ÄlyVESI - Smart City Ferries

Smart City Ferries is a research, development and an innovation project between cities, technology companies and universities. The aim is to survey possibilities and also test and develop new solutions and services for the intelligent transport of mass traffic in urban waterways. The financing is mainly based on ERDF. Additional financiers are Finnish Transport Safety Agency and the cities of Helsinki and Espoo.

Solutions and concepts for unmanned city ferry and smart pier/quayside with new innovative features and services are developed together with the cities of Helsinki, Turku and Espoo. The project concentrates on the most essential development areas e.g. energy solutions, automation, remote operation and safety aspects. Solutions for the identified technological challenges are developed together with companies. The development and innovation activities will continue after the project either in new pilot projects or in product development processes within the companies.

Helsinki ÄlyVESI

Picture: Kimmo Brandt

Helsinki ÄlyVESI 2

Picture: Kimmo Matikka

Aurajoki 1

Picture: Turun kaupunki

Aurajoki 2

Picture: Turun kaupunki

As a result of the project new knowledge, new models of collaboration between cities, universities and companies, new marine and automation technology solutions and service concepts for smart and automated waterway mass transport will be generated. The project enables companies to develop new business in marine technology and ICT sectors and acts as a catalyst for developing and implementing of smart and automated waterway mass transport.

Companies and other co-operation partners

Please find more information about our co-operation partners by opening the link below!


Project facts

  • Smart City Ferries – ÄlyVESI-Älykäs kaupunkivesiliikenne
  • Duration of the project: 01.10.2016-31.5.2018
  • Budget: 712 529,00 €
  • Financing: 6Aika, rakennerahasto
  • Cooperators: Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University and City of Turku


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