Maritime Simulators in Aboa Mare

  • 3 Simulation platforms
  • 10 Ship bridges
  • Engine control room
  • VTS station
  • MRCC station
  • DP station

Connected to the European Maritime Simulator Network (for large-scale maritime traffic simulator tests)
Only real instruments – Bridge interface connects the simulator platforms to the bridges
Developing of ROC simulator has started

What we can offer companies and research partners

  • Maritime experts (ship operations, shipping, safety and security, regulations, etc.)
  • Data
    • Ship performance (position, course, speed, orders, movement, etc. & ship stability, weather cond.)
    • Ship traffic (from simple ship2ship to complicated situations & large)
    • Data from AIS
    • Engine status, performance & orders
  • Testing environment for bridge instruments & systems
    • Navigational (instrument, systems, logics/algorhytms, etc.)
    • Shiphandling
    • Other systems (engine monitoring systems, etc.)
  • Testing & studying of operations, practices & human performance (a vessel & traffic)
    • Existing operations, practices, rules, etc.
    • Future operations, such as remote monitoring and operations of the vessels, remote piloting, etc.
  • Testing & studying of maritime traffic monitoring / controlling systems
  • Testing & studying of sea areas and fairways (effects of sea bottom, wind, waves, etc.)


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Aboa Mare

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