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Invitation to maritime influencers and companies

Can maritime challenges be solved through art?

Now we are looking for marine companies and influencers that want to take part in this unique implementation!

What and Why?

IRM-Tool project and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland engages frontline artists to become problem solvers for maritime industries’ needs. The maritime organization involved has a real opportunity to interact with professional artists and thus become aware of the needs for creative solutions in the organization.

When and How?

Six chosen artists from different fields will meet representatives from the maritime industry and get familiar with the maritime industry’s needs for creative solutions. After a one month of working the concepts and piece of work will be presented for the maritime companies and influencers.

The representatives from the maritime industry needs an open mind to take part in this collaboration. Representatives commit to take part in two meetings. The opening and closing event will be held in Turku during September and November 2018 (approx. 2 hours / meeting).

You are warmly welcome to join!

The maritime industry representatives can enroll by 12 September 2018. Please contact the project manager for the IRM-Tool project, -. The Arts promotion Centre Finland coordinates the artists participation. Artists can contact Krista Petäjäjärvi or Annika Dahlsten after the maritime representatives are along.


Spring 2019

There will be a few ONLINE workshops in the Spring 2019. Follow the project on Facebook & LinkedIn to find out the latest event information.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to contact the project manager Rita Rauvola - to have suggestions of maritime challenges in your company or company network, or creative knowledge that could be piloted in the project.


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